My list of my favourite Disney heroines(not Disney Princesses)

16 10 2011

1. Nala from The Lion King(1994)(age: about 1-2 years)

She is a very Strong Character and she is in my favourite Disney film of all time!

2. Ariel from The Little Mermaid(1989)(age: 15-16)

She has an amazing voice(thinking about the Norwegian and Danish voice and Swedish singing voice. She is pretty and has red hair. She sacrifices alot.

3. Esmeralda from The Nunchback of Notre Dame(1996)(age: 16-18)

She is also a string character and she stands up to what she wants and means. I once had a doll of her wich I loved very much!

4. Tinker Bell from Peter Pan(1953)

She is very cool, but since she is so little she has just room for one feeling at a time. She got jelous of Wendy and then those feelings came strong. But she is not that bad, she is very awesome.

5. Jane from Return to Neveland(2002)(age: 11-12)

Jane is awesome with her accent. And her personality is awesome too; a bit of a tomboy and also precocious. I like that.

6. Penny from Bolt(2008)(age: 12)

She is very awesome, but she is even more awesome in the Videogame of the film. I like her style too.

7. Eilonwy from The Black Cauldron(1985)(age: 12)

I think she is pretty and smart. I like her voice as well. A very underrated disney heroine!

8. Kiara from The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride(1998)(age: 0-2 years)

She is very awesome(like her mother). She is also pretty and has a nice voice.

9. Melody from The Little Marmaid II: Return To The Sea(2000)(age: 12)

She is also beautiful like her mother! She is funny, bubbly and adventurous.

10. Wendy from Peter Pan(1953)(age: 13)

She is pretty and I love her voice. Since her voice is the same as Alice(age: 12-13) , let’s add her:


My list of the Hottest Disney Princes(official)

16 10 2011

1. Prince Eric from the Little Mermaid(1989)

He has always been my dream guy of the Disney Princes since I was little.

2. Captain Li Shang from Mulan(1998)

He is strong, he is Asian, has some great moves and technices. His voice is very good too.

3. John Smith from Pocahontas(1995)

Mel Gibson, do I need to say more? *Swoon* he’s got the sexiest voice of them all! I also think he looks a bit like Mel Gibson himself(only with blonde hair)

4. Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty(1959)

He is funny and he’s got a horse(who is funny too). His voice is good too.

5. Prince Adam(aka The Beast in human form) from Beauty and the Beast(1991)

When he transforms he is pretty hot, and when they get married(or whatever happens at the end) he looks pretty hot too. He is a very good person who changes his ways for the love of his life.

6. The Prince Charming from Cinderella(1950)

He’s nothing special actually, but I like him in a way.

7. The Prince from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves(1937)

Same goes for this prince. Though I think it’s very sweet when he kisses the dove and sings to Snow White.

8. Flynn Rider from Tangled(2011)

He is weird, but I like him in the end.

9. Aladdin from Aladdin(1992)

Yeah, he’s not my favourite, but I don’t want him to be in the end. This listmaking is hard!

Tell me what YOU think in the comments.

New Year’s Resume

31 12 2010

Here are things I want to change, do and places to visit in 2011.

1. Travel to New York
2. Travel to London for the Harry Potter premiere
3. Lift my grades and do better in Math.
4. Lose weight!!!
5. Dye my hair(again)
6. Get to know my new friends from Katta better.
7. Keep my room clean and tidy.
8. Try keep a diary to write in everyday
9. Exercise more
10. And maybe get a boyfriend

Movies to watch in 2011

Tomorrow When the War Began
tomorrow when the war began

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

I don’t know when or if it comes out, but it stars Daniel Stern(so it is said)

Daniel Stern as Marv Merchants in Home Alone(1990)

A more recent picture of Daniel Stern at an event.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides


These are some of the movies I want to watch in 2011!!

I will also wish good luck to all who has something big to do or are going to travel, far or short.
I also wish for world peace, and that everyone(Christian or not) will be blessed every day equally.

Holiday movies

23 12 2010

Here I would like to list my top 10 list of my favorite holiday movies(one is not English so I will try on a translation).

10#: Christmas Vacation
starring: Chevy Case
Poster from Christmas Vacation

9#: Mickey’s Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse

Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse cover art

8#: Reisen til Julestjernen/ The Quest of the Christmas Star
starring: Hanne Krog, Knut Risan, Alf Nordvang and Bente Børsum

Reisen til Julestjernen

7#: Tre Nøtter til Askepott/ Tri orísky pro Popelku/ Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel/ Three Wishes for Cinderella
starring: Libuse Safránková, Pavel Trávnícek, Carola Braunbock and Rolf Hoppe

Drei Hasselnüsse für Aschenbrödel

6#: How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Starring: Jim Carrey

The Grinch

5#: A Christmas Carol
starring: Patrick Stewart

A Christmas Carol starring Patrick Stewart

4#: Love Actually
starring: Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson, Liam Neeson and Colin Firth

Love Actually

3#: The Polar Express
starring: Tom Hanks

The Polar Express

2#: Home Alone
starring: Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern

Home Alone Poster

1#: Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
starring: Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern

Home Alone 2

Day 2 – Write 10 things you like to do in your spare time

24 10 2010

Yes, Then let’s start!

1. Sit on my computer for several hours!

2. Go on facebook, of course!

3. Watch lot of videos on Youtube.

4. Watch Monty Python

5. Read books(I am a huge fan of Harry Potter)

6. Watch films. I love all from romantic comedies to action thrillers!

7. Music! Both singing and just listening!

8. Draw! I’m very creative and I’m very good at drawing(maybe I’ll be showing some in the future?)

9. Write! I always write something! I have too, or I will die!:P

10. And last but not least: I love to hang out with my loved ones

And also one last thing: I also love fangirling(most to Alan Rickman, Terry Jones and Jason Isaacs!)

Day 1 of the 10-days thingy:)

23 10 2010

Hello again! Here I am with my first day!

Day 1 Write 10 things about yourself

Then… hmm what am I going to start with….?!
1. Well, I’m a girl(ooh, who would not have guessed that?!)

2. I’m on my first year at vg(upper secondary) at Oslo Cathedral School(Katta)

3. nr. 3..? Oh, I have brown hair…

4. And brown eyes:P

5. My birth day is 4. March

6. My music taste is wide! I like almost everything!!

7. I’ve just started being a Monty Python fan!! And I’m loving it<3

8. Both Harry Potter and Disney is my Life!

9. One of my biggest role models is Rachel Hurd-Wood

10. I’m very shy, but I like to sing and perform on stage.

10-days thingy

23 10 2010

Hello, world!
I’ve not been blogging a lot recently, most because of tests, projects and homework. But I will try my best with some updates! Like for example, about two weeks ago, I started being a fan of Monty Python! Yes, I love them!! More about that later!

I have checked a few other blogs and I have found out that some have started a 10-days secession, where you are going to write ten things about yourself each day in 10 days. Here’s the list, and I think I will start right now after this entry!

Day 1 – Write 10 things about yourself

Day 2 – Write 10 things you like to do in your spare time

Day 3 – Write 10 things you dislike about yourself

Day 4 – Write 10 things you want to do in the future

Day 5 – Write 10 things you wish for

Day 6 – Write 10 things you can’t live without

Day 7 – Write about 10 memories

Day 8 – You are going to put up 10 of your favourite songs

Day 9 – You are going to write about 10 things you fear, or are afraid of

Day 10 – You are going to write 10 things about your perfect boyfriend is like